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Fellow Trumbull Neighbors:

Welcome to our web page!  On behalf of Trumbull Democrats, I thank you for visiting.

Trumbull Democrats have the best vision for the future of the town of Trumbull, and we are committed to putting forth a clear message and putting Trumbull on the right track.  We are working hard to make sure the voices of all Trumbull residents are heard.  We are fighting for Trumbull, and we want to build a foundation that will serve our town for decades to come.

We are proud of our outstanding First Selectman, Vicki Tesoro, who has governed Trumbull with respect for all, listened to our residents, protected our taxpayers, and has prioritized town spending to better focus on what’s really important.  We don’t need to spend more, we need to spend smarter.  The people’s interests are now ahead of any partisan interests.

We are also advocating for our values at the state and national level.  It is important to stand up for our Democratic values of equality, justice, and standing up for the middle class.

We welcome your input and your participation.  If you are interested in finding out more about our party, please contact me at this website, and I will be happy to talk to you.  There are many opportunities to join this effort to lead Trumbull forward.

We look forward to hearing from you.  Thank you again for your interest in our party and for visiting this page.

Tom KellySincerely,

Tom Kelly

Trumbull Democratic Town Committee

The Tesoro Track Record

Vicki Tesoro and Trumbull Democrats have been working hard for positive change in Trumbull. This is about the future of our town.

  • Inherited a budget that was out of balance by $2.8 million.  The budget that was given to her by Trumbull Republicans relied on a $1 million tipping fee that would have been passed on to Trumbull residents, as well as raiding the General Fund for $1.8 million.  Vicki Tesoro did not impose the tipping fee or raid the General Fund, and she did not increase taxes midyear.  Instead, spending was cut.
  • Proposed a budget for 2018-19 which prioritizes spending while keeping the tax increase below 2%, one of the lowest increases in years.
  • The Tesoro budget provides a 3.1% increase to the Board of Education, ensuring that Trumbull Public Schools will continue to receive the funding necessary to provide a great educational opportunity to every single student.
  • Vicki Tesoro and Trumbull Democrats proposed and passed legislation requiring a public comment period before Town Council meetings.
  • Returned Trumbull Day to its traditional time period at the end of June.
  • Brought back the annual Easter Egg Hunt at Town Hall, with 300 children participating.
  • Eliminated the toxic political atmosphere that characterized the last 8 years.  There is no more governing with a heavy hand.  No more political insults and partisan bluster.  The town comes first, before any partisan interests.

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