Trumbull Democrats

 Our Mission

Trumbull Democratic Town Committee

We will seek to engage all of Trumbull in a true grass roots effort, and we will work hard for our candidates and for what we believe.

If we work together, we will accomplish our goals and put Trumbull back on the right track as a vibrant, family-centered community.”

 Our Values

We Believe:

  • We can best achieve our mission through a strong, cohesive party and open, honest discussion and debate.
  • That the role of government is to play a proactive role in the improvement of our town and our citizens’ quality of life.
  • That we have a responsibility to provide for those who may need the kinds of support that is appropriate for the town to provide.
  • That providing a high-quality education system is essential to our children’s future and to maintaining our property values and our way of life.
  • That our elected and appointed representatives must operate with compassion and fiscal responsibility.
  • That we have a solemn responsibility to spend our taxpayers’ money wisely, and always with an eye to keeping tax rates low, consistent with delivery of high-quality municipal services.
  • In the open, fair and impartial operation of government for the benefit of all residents and affected parties.
  • In seeking only the government we need, but insisting on all the government we need.

 Party Officers