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Vicki Tesoro and Ashley Gaudiano

First Selectman Vicki Tesoro Endorses Ashley Gaudiano for 134th District

Over the last several years, I had the privilege of getting to know Ashley Gaudiano, a Trumbull small business owner and lawyer with two small children in our public schools.

Vicki Tesoro

I first met Ashley at town events and meetings where she was volunteering her time to learn more about the issues impacting Trumbull. It was clear from the start that she was a natural leader, incredibly smart, and unbelievably hardworking.

In 2017, unhappy with the tone in town government, she decided to run as part of my ticket for Trumbull Town Council, knocking doors, attending meetings, and becoming an integral part of making Trumbull government more inclusive, positive, and transparent.

Over the past year, I’ve watched her in action as a member of our Town Council working tirelessly on behalf of all of us. Ashley is at every meeting and is a critical piece of the work we’re doing to move our town forward.

When I think of the qualities that our State Representative should demonstrate, Ashley has them all. Principled, a good listener, and committed to a government where working together to find the right answer is of paramount importance.

Solving our state’s issues will require that kind of endless energy, hard work, and focus that Ashley possesses. While some are content to point fingers and lay blame on others, Ashley is committed to finding solutions. She has the tenacity and passion needed to fight for our community in Hartford and bring back actionable results.

Now is the time to elect someone who will be an advocate for all of us. As we saw here in Trumbull, citizens are hungry for a new type of politics — one that focuses on public service over partisanship and is dedicated to hearing every side of an issue and working towards the best solution for everyone.

Ashley embodies this new type of politics. And if elected as State Representative for the 134th District, she will bring it to Hartford and make Trumbull proud. Please join me in supporting her on November 6.

Vicki Tesoro (D)

First Selectman

This is a repost of a Trumbull Times letter to the editor found here:

Team Tesoro Meet and Greet 10/28


Election day is just two weeks away. Please come to our Team Tesoro meet and greet next Saturday, October 28 from 10am-12pm at the Main Library in the Community Room. You’ll have the opportunity to meet candidates for Town Council, Board of Education, Board of Finance, and more. Not only do we need to elect Vicki Tesoro as our next First Selectman, we also need to elect our entire slate of Team Tesoro candidates. Vicki Tesoro will also be available to meet and answer your questions. We hope to see you there! Please contact Gail at with any questions.

Alcohol & Drug Abuse Prevention Platform

Preamble: Democratic First Selectman candidate Vicki Tesoro and Team Tesoro understand the impact that substance abuse and addiction have on our families and our town. A comprehensive, coordinated prevention strategy can reduce the impact of substance abuse and addiction on our community, and save lives.

Team Tesoro believes that our town and schools play a vital role in the education of our youth and families, the enforcement of existing laws, support of our First Responders, and assistance for those afflicted with the disease of addiction, as well as their families.

Vicki Tesoro is a founding member and current co-chair of the Trumbull Partnership Against Underage Drinking and Drugs (TPAUD), a community substance abuse prevention coalition that has been awarded more than $1.125 million in state and federal grants to fund prevention activities in Trumbull since its inception in 2006. Vicki
also founded the Trumbull High School 9th Grade Underage Drinking and Drug Forum in 2006, an innovative educational program for students and parents, now in its 12th year, which has been replicated in high schools across the region. This program has reached over 12,000 Trumbull residents.

The effects on our community can be measured in lives lost, as well as the physical, emotional, and financial stress on individuals struggling with addiction, their families, our first responders, and town resources. The goals of Vicki Tesoro and her team include:

  • Continue to pursue all potential funding sources, including state grants, federal grants, corporate funding, and private foundations, to support our efforts.
  • Continue to support the prevention activities of TPAUD, and coordinate and optimize state and federal prevention funding already secured.
  • Support continued funding and publicity of the Trumbull Police Department’s anonymous drug and underage drinking TipsLine.
  • Support the Trumbull Police Department’s efforts to implement the new DARE drug education program in all 5th grade classes.
  • Ensure that school staff have the necessary training, tools, and resources to identify early substance abuse in our youth.
  • Maintain funding for a School Resource Officer at Trumbull High School and the middle schools.
  • Reinstate the Youth Commission to identify and address the issues facing young people in our town.
    Continue to improve mental health services and programs in the schools and community.
    Perform a review of locations around town that are conducive to drug use/sales and underage drinking, and work with law enforcement and TPAUD to increase monitoring and enforcement.
  • Support a local ordinance to require retail outlets to place all drug paraphernalia (rolling papers, wrappers, grinders, pipes) and e-cigarettes/vaporizers and vaping liquids behind the sales counter.
  • Publicize the prescription drug drop box located at the Trumbull Police Department.
  • Pursue public/private partnerships to provide opioid overdose prevention and Naloxone/Narcan training to town employees and residents.
  • Collaborate with local addiction treatment and support resources.

Team Tesoro is not requesting any additional Town funding for these endeavors.

Team Tesoro will work towards making Trumbull a safe, healthy, and drug-free environment for our residents.

Vote for Vicki Tesoro for First Selectman. Vote for Team Tesoro.

U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy Campaigns with Vicki Tesoro in Trumbull

For Murphy, Tesoro is the Right Leader for Trumbull

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Gail Ritacco, 203-997-7041

(Trumbull, CT, September 17, 2017):  U.S. Senator Chris Murphy visited Trumbull, Connecticut on Saturday, September 16th, 2017 to meet with local Democrats and campaign with First Selectman candidate Vicki Tesoro. He called the municipal election in Trumbull one of the pivotal races in the state.

Murphy visited Team Tesoro campaign headquarters and spoke to an enthusiastic crowd of local residents.  

“I’m proud to be in Trumbull supporting Vicki and her team,” Murphy said. “Vicki is the right leader with the vision to move Trumbull forward while restoring civility, inclusiveness, and transparency to town government.  She has the passion and experience Trumbull needs right now.”

Tesoro welcomed Murphy as one of the leading voices in national politics and an extraordinary advocate for Connecticut. “I am honored to have Senator Chris Murphy here today,” she said. “His presence underscores how important it is for Trumbull to have strong working relationships at all levels of government to make our community even better.”

Murphy also noted the strength of the Democratic slate of candidates. He cited incumbent Treasurer candidate Anthony Musto’s years managing the town’s investments and also his time in the State Senate. And he said Town Clerk candidate Mary Markham’s past service in municipal government is the exact kind of experience needed in a successful Town Clerk. 

“Vicki, Anthony, Mary, and the whole team reflects the best values of citizen participation in government, and represent the grass roots energy that will drive our  success town wide, statewide and nationally in the years ahead,” Murphy said.