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Trumbull Democrats Drew Capacity Crowd to Keys to Democracy Awards Dinner

Trumbull Democrats Drew Capacity Crowd to Keys to Democracy Awards Dinner
with Speakers 
Senator Blumenthal, Senator Murphy and Congressman Himes

Local Heroes Timothy A. Cantafio, Beryl Kaufman and Matt Kuroghlian Honored

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Beryl Kaufman, Congressman Jim Himes, Timothy Cantafio, Senator Chris Murphy, and Matthew Kuroughlian

On Sunday, March 26th, the Trumbull Democratic Town Committee (TDTC) held its first Keys to Democracy Awards Dinner at which 225 guests heard Senator Richard Blumenthal, Senator Chris Murphy and Congressman Jim Himes speak on Trump’s First 100 Days:  Our Voices, Our Actions, Our Country – Still Strong. The Dinner Co-chairs were Anthony Musto, Trumbull Town Treasurer; Vicki Tesoro, Trumbull Board of Finance member; and Cindy Katske, TDTC Secretary.

Vicki Tesoro, speaking for the Dinner Co-Chairs, stated, “This great turnout represents the growing local political activism here in Trumbull, and Trumbull Democrats are thrilled to lead this movement as we approach the municipal election season. We are committed to bringing a positive agenda to our town and creating real change in Trumbull. This is a great community and it is time that our town government represents the values of our citizens – that is, respect, cooperation, and inclusion.” She continued, “We want to thank Senators Blumenthal and Murphy, and Congressman Himes for being with us, our Honorees for their dedication, and everyone who came or made donations to this successful night.”

Following the dinner, Senator Richard Blumenthal stated, “What an energetic evening. It is so great to honor Timothy Cantafio, Beryl Kaufman and Matthew Kuroghlian for their significant community contributions.  I look forward to working with the Trumbull Democrats on their way to victory in November.”

Senator Chris Murphy added, “There’s no level of fear or sadness or anxiety that you feel about this political moment that can’t be cured by political action. It still works. Take for example last week. For all the attention the Republicans have tried to put on the Freedom Caucus, the real story of how Trumpcare failed is about the more moderate Republicans who started to feel the heat of the overwhelming grassroots pressure at town halls, on their phone lines, and online,” said Murphy, “This movement is real, and it’s growing organically. It’s going to be a tough couple years, but I feel more confident than ever before because of growing political activism like we saw here tonight in Trumbull.”

Congressman Jim Himes commented, “We need principled progressive activism more now than ever – both to move our country forward and to honor the legacy of those who have come before, including my dear friend Kevin Sutherland.  I’m proud to have helped honor him last night through presenting Matt Kuroghlian with his namesake award, and I thank Timothy Cantafio and Beryl Kaufman for their important contributions to the community.”

Anthony Musto, Beryl Kaufman, Senator Chris Murphy, Tom Kelly, Vicki Tesoro, Congressman Jim Himes

Tom Kelly, TDTC Chairman, stated, “Trumbull Democrats are excited about the success of our dinner and the number of new, motivated citizens who are supporting us.  We have a united party, full of passion and pride, and we have momentum going into the municipal election cycle.  We will bring much needed positive change to our town this November.”

The night was energizing and emotional as local heroes were honored for their contributions to the community of Trumbull.  Timothy A. Cantafio, a lifelong resident of Trumbull and vice president of engineering for Northeast Electronics Corp. in Milford, received the inaugural 2017 Leadership Award for over four decades of involvement in local political and social issues. Beryl Kaufman, born in Bridgeport but a resident of Trumbull for over 50 years, was honored for furthering the participation of citizens in our government and protecting the rights and education of people with special needs.

The Kevin J. Sutherland Inspiration in Democracy Award was presented to Matthew Kuroghlian, a Trumbull High School junior, for dedicating himself to public service and engaging young people in local and state elections while still in high school.  The award is in memory of Kevin Joseph Sutherland, a 2009 graduate of Trumbull High, political strategist, and photographer, who lost his life in a senseless act of violence in 2015. It was given by Douglas and Theresa Sutherland, Kevin’s parents.  The TDTC honors Kevin’s dedication to Democratic ideals and his commitment to action while never seeking the limelight. Through this award, the TDTC and his parents hope to encourage others to follow in Kevin’s footsteps.

Tidy Up Trumbull

Join Us and Help “Tidy Up Trumbull”

The Trumbull Democrats are proud to once again be a part of the annual “Tidy Up Trumbull” event organized by the Trumbull Community Women on Saturday, April 23 from 9 AM to 12 PM. This annual event is a great opportunity for Trumbull residents to help us keep our parks, trails, roadsides and parking areas beautiful.