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Vicki Tesoro


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Trumbull Democratic Candidates for TOWN LEADERSHIP

Anthony Musto

Email Anthony:

  • Current Treasurer for Trumbull
  • Connecticut State Senator 2009-2014
  • Treasurer for Trumbull 2005-2008
  • Practicing attorney, J.D. from Emory Law School
  • B.S. degree in Accounting from American University
  • Lives in Trumbull with his wife Katherine and three children

Most Significant Public-Service Accomplishment

I have been representing the people of Trumbull for more than a decade. Throughout this time, I have never forgotten to work for the people and serve them to my best ability. Just a few of my accomplishments include securing state funding to rehabilitate the current senior center, Hillcrest pool, and obtaining a generator for the Nichols Fire Department. I also worked diligently in the effort to relocate the fuel cell in Nichols.

Goals for My Term

I’m seeking reelection as Treasurer to continue ensuring that Trumbull receives increasing returns on our investments, while minimizing risk. I have already improved reporting and identified ways for Trumbull to save money. I look forward to working with our new board of finance and first selectman to continue to improve accountability and security.


Mary Markham
TOWN CLERK Candidate

Email Mary:

  • Director of Recreation for 19 years
  • Assistant Registrar of Voters for 7 years

Most Significant Public-Service Accomplishment

I have been a public servant for the town of Trumbull for almost 30 years. I enjoyed serving, and frankly, I miss it. I have been a Trumbull resident my entire life and raised my 3 children here. It is now wonderful watching my grandchildren delight in the safe parks, grow in our good schools and seeing our family and neighbors benefit from programs provided by the town.

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Goals for My Term

I have a great understanding of how town government should work and am detail-oriented to ensure the Town Clerk’s office runs smoothly and with competence.

Watch Mary Markham’s Campaign Video


Trumbull Democratic Candidates for BOARD OF FINANCE

Marty Isaac

Email Marty:

  • Seasoned entrepreneur, angel investor and community activist
  • Founder and CEO, Kind.Fund, a donation crowdfunding platform for personal causes and charities;
  • Previously CEO, Hooplaha, a multi-platform good news content hub
  • Angel Investor/Advisor, with active investments in 25+ start-up companies
  • Board President, Connecticut Against Gun Violence (CAGV); recognized by the City of Bridgeport, 11/20/15, for dedication to the Bridgeport community
  • Volunteered for the past 20+ years for many town roles including: Trumbull High School academic excellence committee, 2010–2015; Daniels Farm Fathers Club, 2001–2010; AYSO soccer 2003–2009, Board of Education busing committee (1990s)
  • B.S. Economics, Wharton School of Business, 1985
  • Married to Mary Isaac 26 years; father of THS graduates Jessica, Nicole and Daniel
  • Sushi aficionado; ping pong master

Most Significant Public-Service Accomplishments

I helped secure $800K state funding for Project Longevity, Connecticut’s inner-city gun violence intervention program. Project Longevity is responsible for reducing homicides in our urban centers by over 30% during the past 4 years.

Goals for My Term

I will refocus spending priorities to reduce spending on government bureaucracy and excess attorney fees. I will ensure schools are funded for success. I will fund past retirement obligations and invest responsibly in our future. I will support Trumbull Day/summer concerts.


Lainie McHugh

Email Lainie:

  • Trumbull resident for 22 years
  • Married to Tim and mother of 2 children, Rachel age 18 and Michael age 16, both students of Trumbull Public Schools
  • Graduate of Quinnipiac University class of 1993 with a BS in Physical Therapy. Actively practicing for 20 years with Rehabilitation Associates, Inc.
  • Team Lead/Spokesperson for the Trumbull PTSA Council “The ABC’s of the Trumbull Education Budget” since 2010
  • Presenter, November 2012 CABE/CAPSS Convention
  • Active involvement in PTSA and former PTSA Council President
  • Board of Finance Member from special election: July 22, 2014-December 2015

Most Significant Public-Service Accomplishment

I have been involved in the development and implementation of the Trumbull PTSA Council community outreach project, “The ABC’s of the Trumbull Education Budget,” serving as team lead and spokesperson since 2010. The goal of this project is to encourage all taxpayers to be active and educated participants in the budget process. The program, which has been well received, consists of brochures outlining the budget timeline and process, a 45-page detailed online “Citizen’s Guide” and more than 30 presentations to a wide range of community organizations including Trumbull Rotary, the Town Council and Board of Finance members. It is an example of non-partisanship designed to put an end to the negativity and divisiveness that surrounds budget season. In November 2012, I presented this program as a workshop at the Connecticut Association of Boards of Education (CABE) and Connecticut Association of Public School Superintendents (CAPPS) joint convention. As a result, our team has been instrumental in leading other communities in launching similar outreach projects.

Goals for My Term

My goal is to be a constructive member of the Board of Finance making informed decisions and votes. As I have previously demonstrated, I will continue to do my homework and come prepared for each meeting. I will also strive to keep divisive politics from affecting the Board of Finance by seeing that proper processes and procedures are followed to maintain the intended checks and balances of government so that we may act in the best interest of all Trumbull residents.



Andrew Palo

Email Andrew:

  • Two-term incumbent on the Board of Finance since 2009
  • 27 years of professional experience in the finance/investment/accounting field
  • Graduate of St. Joseph’s High School
  • B.S. in Finance from Sacred Heart University
  • M.S. in Financial Management from Fairfield University
  • Former Trumbull Little League coach
  • Volunteer and coordinator of numerous food drives for the Trumbull Food Pantry
  • Married to Raelinda for 18 years. Father of THS student Andrew and Tashua student Alexa

Most Significant Public-Service Accomplishment

In my eight years on the Board of Finance, I have always kept the residents of Trumbull in mind when I vote on any matter. I believe our residents want someone on the Board who understands how important it is to keep taxes stable and to make sure Town spending is kept under control.

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Goals for My Term

If elected to a third term, I believe we need to continue to look for ways to curb spending to keep taxes low. I understand how difficult it is for so many households to make ends meet, and it would be my job on the Board of Finance to keep that in mind every time I vote.


Trumbull Democratic Candidates for BOARD OF EDUCATION

Kathleen Fearon, Ph.D., D.V.M.

Email Kathleen:

  • Established and grew Home Veterinary Services, now located in a circa 1918 Trumbull home which I restored in the original spirit of the Professional Office Overlay Zone, 1998-present
  • Completed 26 years of formal education
    • B.S. University of Massachusetts, Amherst; Biochemistry, magna cum laude
    • M.S. University of California, Los Angeles; Department of Biological Chemistry
    • Ph.D. University of Massachusetts, Amherst; Molecular and Cellular Biology
    • D.V.M. Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine, summa cum laude
  • Have been a Trumbull resident since 1998 when I moved here with my infant daughter Bridget, a 2015 THS graduate
  • Together with my daughter, we were a DCF foster family in 2004. We continued in community service as I assisted her in her volunteer and fund-raising efforts for nonprofit organizations such as Friends of Appalachia, Special Olympics, St. Baldrick’s and Trumbull Youth Association.
  • Initiated and followed through with my Planning and Zoning application to bring the Professional Office Overlay District to upper Church Hill Road 2009-2010
  • Served on the faculty, New England Biolabs Molecular Biology Summer Workshops 1993-1997
  • Served as a volunteer veterinarian at the town’s annual Rabies Clinic 2011-present
  • Served as a volunteer presenter at Madison Middle School’s Career Day 2003-present

Most Significant Public-Service Accomplishment

I believe the most rewarding and most significant contributions one can make are those that positively influence young lives, as my high school Biology teacher and Ph.D. dissertation advisor did for me. Having had the opportunity to speak to hundreds of Madison Middle School 8th graders over the past decade or more, I’m confident my energy and enthusiasm for my career have made a difference, whether or not they choose veterinary medicine as their path in life.

Goals for My Term

I will bring my focus, listening skills and critical thinking to the Board in a sincere effort to invest wisely. My goal is to accelerate the journey to improve the Trumbull schools and make them even better than those that brought me here as a single parent moving to Fairfield County. Having no political or personal “agenda,” I hope to foster a collaborative environment where the children are the focus.

Julia McNamee

Email Julia:

  • 20+ years teaching English at the college, middle school, and high school levels
  • B.A. in Political Science and Russian, Williams College
  • M.A. in English, University of Massachusetts at Amherst
  • Three years English Language Arts administrative experience in public schools
  • Nominated for Teacher of the Year twice
  • Resident of Trumbull for 22 years
  • Mom of two daughters, Alix and Cadence Neenan, educated in public schools
  • Daisy, Brownie, and Junior Girl Scout leader for two troops
  • Author of national English curriculum designed for tablet initiative and contributor to English teacher methods textbook
  • Award-winning online and print journalist

Most Significant Public-Service Accomplishment

I have dedicated rich and happy decades to teaching middle and high school students English. Thousands of children have learned to love reading and writing and have grown better at both in my classrooms.

Goals for My Term

Through hard work, my knowledge of public education, and lots of listening, I hope to maintain and improve Trumbull education at a time that may prove difficult financially. If state or local financial challenges confront the town, I will aim to minimize the impact on students and their growth in school, seeking efficiencies as far from the classroom as possible.



Mike Miller

Email Mike:

  • Hails from family of educators, including both my parents who taught K-12
  • Manages digital newsroom and writers for
  • Married to Heather for 10 years; dad to DFS student Zoe and future student Dash
  • Member of Daniels Farm Father’s Club
  • Volunteer on writing staff for 826 Seattle
  • Counselor at summer camp for gifted students
  • Committee head for art show fundraiser at CCNS preschool in Norwalk
  • Member of Nichols Improvement Association

Most Significant Public-Service Accomplishment

826 Seattle was a non-profit agency that provided educational assistance and learning experiences to primary school students. For three years, I led the creative writing segment for elementary schools students, which ended with each student taking home their own book.

Goals for My Term

My career focuses on careful planning, budgeting and hitting specific goals — but always with an eye toward the future. This should be the same emphasis for Trumbull schools: ensure continued success while exploring new ideas and strategies for student development and education.


Lucinda Timpanelli

Email Lucinda:

  • Educator for 41 1/2 years in the Trumbull Public School District
  • Trumbull High School House Principal for 15 years with budget creation responsibilities
  • Trumbull Administrator Association Co-president
  • New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) ex-officio chair coordinating two decennial evaluations for Trumbull High School
  • Ten-year member of the Trumbull High School Building Committee
  • Co-author of the original Teacher Evaluation Plan for the Trumbull District
  • Connecticut State Assessor and Trainer responsible for Teacher Certification
  • Widow of Dr. Anthony Timpanelli
  • Trumbull resident for 23 years

Most Significant Public-Service Accomplishment

My most significant accomplishment is the ability as a Board of Education Curriculum member to collaborate with Administration and staff to support, review and improve curricula throughout the district. Our collaborative work is currently successful.

Goals for My Term

My goal is to continue to maintain the educational needs required to support a high performing school district by promoting sound policies that sustain our notable accomplishments via reasonable funding.



Michael Ward

Email Mike:

  • Trumbull Board of Education, 2003-present
  • Retired Trumbull Public Schools educator and principal
  • Elementary Principals of CT, Past President
  • Conn. Association of Schools, Life Member
  • National Association of Principals, Life Member
  • CT and National PTA, Life Member
  • Veterans Advisory Council, Past Member
  • Greater Bridgeport Retired Teachers, President
  • Board of Directors, Associated Retired Teachers of CT
  • Trumbull Loves Children, Past President, Board of Directors
  • Trumbull Day Commission, Past Chairman
  • Trumbull Resident for 52 years
  • Married to Patricia for 56 years; father of Mickey, Peter, and Jeffrey

Most Significant Public-Service Accomplishment

I have been a member of the Trumbull Board of Education since 2003. I am most proud of the Board’s consistent commitment to keeping class sizes small and to making the schools safe learning environments for the students.

Back to the top

Goals for My Term

I will continue to use my many years of experience and knowledge to work to improve the education of all Trumbull students. I will also improve transparency and public involvement in government by ensuring that all public notice requirements in our town charter are followed.



Democratic Candidates for Trumbull Town Council

DISTRICT 1 Democratic Candidates for Trumbull Town Council

Dawn Cantafio
DISTRICT 1 Incumbent

Email Dawn:

  • Current Town Council Representative, 2015-2017
  • PTSA Volunteer, served as President for four years
  • Volunteer for Center for Family Justice Center
  • TPAUD Volunteer for 10 years
  • Board of Education Policy Advisory Committee, former member, President for 4 years
  • Married to Tim for 29 years; raised two THS graduates, Cayla and Nicholas

Most Significant Public-Service Accomplishment

I am most proud of receiving the Volunteer of the Year Award from the Center for Family Justice in 2016.

Goals for My Term

I will continue to work for transparency for all residents and continue to bring items of importance to the public for discussion.


Joe Gerics
DISTRICT 1 Candidate

Email Joe:

  • Technology salesman in hospitality sector for National Cash Register
  • Strong background in restaurant management and technology
  • Active member of the Trumbull Citizens for 7 Districts
  • Founder of Fairfield Comedy Club, a new comedy venue running weekly standup shows at the Circle Hotel in Fairfield, as well as the founder of the Free Standup Festival, a comedy festival that has been running in NYC for over 3 years
  • Former President of the Georgetown Alumni Club of NY
  • Board member of Rebound Hounds dog rescue
  • B.S. in Business Management, Georgetown University
  • Married to Karina; owner of 2 wonderful rescue dogs, Gina and Joey

Most Significant Public-Service Accomplishment

I always strive to be an active part of my community. In the past, I have focused on community events, hosting networking events, speakers and community service activities as part of the Georgetown Club of New York. I also enjoy planning and producing numerous comedy shows and festivals. I am now ready to take the next step in community activity by being actively involved in our government and ensuring that the constituents of District 1 are fairly represented.

Goals for My Term

I hope to be a part of the team that returns a representative democracy to Trumbull. I intend to communicate with my constituents regularly and ensure their voices are heard and respected by their elected leaders.


Scot Kerr
DISTRICT 1 Candidate

Email Scot:

  • Trumbull High School Golden Eagle Marching Band (President 2015-2017)
  • Trumbull PTSA Council President-Elect & President (2013-2015)
  • Patrons of the Trumbull Nature and Arts Center (VP/Treasurer 2012-2013, Treasurer 2014, Secretary 2016-present)
  • Trumbull Conservation Commission (2012-2014)
  • Director/External Reporting, Achievement First Public Charter Schools (2013-present)
  • Married to Karen; three sons, David (20), Matthew (18), and Duncan (13)
  • Trumbull resident since July 2000 (17 years)

Most Significant Public-Service Accomplishment

I am most proud of having led multiple organizations in my areas of interest — the environment (TNAC), education (PTSA Council), and performing arts (THSGEMB). As I spanned different groups of residents in each of these roles, I’m happy to have made connections among them and educated people along the way.

Goals for My Term

I want to help diffuse the political rancor on our Town Council by seeking consensus, listening and arguing thoughtfully. In two years, I’ll want to be measured on having put the interests of all my District 1 constituents first and supporting initiatives that have improved everyone’s quality of life in Trumbull.



Bill Mecca
DISTRICT 1 Incumbent

Email Bill:

  • Bachelors degree from Roger Williams University
  • Masters from New York University
  • Intervention Specialist at Trumbull High School since 2008
  • Odyssey of the Mind Parent-Coach, 2015
  • President of the Nichols Improvement Association (NIA), 2014-2015
  • Vice-President of the NIA, 2012-2013
  • NIA Board of Trustees member, 2017
  • Advisor to THS Peer Leaders and Peer Mediation programs
  • Co-Chair of the Booth Hill School Fifth Grade Variety Show, 2014
  • Co-Chair of the Booth Hill School Adult Night Out, 2014
  • Recipient of RYASAP’s Above and Beyond Award, 2013
  • First Selectman’s Prevention Council, Certificate of Recognition, 2011 and 2012
  • Trumbull Recreation Basketball Coach, 2011-2012
  • Trumbull Partnership Against Underage Drinking (TPAUD), 2008-present
  • Father of Lauren and Andrew

Most Significant Public-Service Accomplishment

As  Town Council member elected in November 2015, I voted to increase the public’s knowledge and input into the Senior/Community Center project, supported the work of the Office of Economic Development, and improved management of the sewer projects, and the ongoing capital improvements to our roads, municipal buildings, parks, pools and schools for families of all ages. As the former President of the Nichols Improvement Association (NIA), I managed the upgrades to the Veterans Memorial Monument and the Flagpole on the NIA green, 5 Pennies Park and the Moore Ballfields. I also revitalized the association by adding over 100 new families as members while successfully recruiting volunteers to offer new community programs including the Farmers Market and the Summer Adult Kickball League.

Back to the top

Goals for My Term

By honoring the spirit of Trumbull’s founding families and public service, I will continually work to strengthen community engagement and collaborative decision making through increased public awareness, representation, and participation in deciding Trumbull’s future.

Watch Bill Mecca’s Campaign Video

DISTRICT 2 Democratic Candidates for Trumbull Town Council

Keith Klain
DISTRICT 2 Candidate

Email Keith:

  • Has built software quality management technology teams for global financial services and IT consulting firms for 20 years
  • Designed the Software Testing Education Program with the Bronx based non-profit Per Scholas, which has graduated over 250 students from disadvantaged backgrounds into jobs in technology
  • Recipient of the following professional and civic awards: 2016 Certificate of Merit, Bronx Borough Presidents Office; 2016 Diversity in Tech, Grass Roots Activator Award; 2014 Person of the Year, Per Scholas; 2013 Software Test Luminary, Software Test Professionals
  • Married to his wife, Samantha and raising two sons in the Trumbull Public Schools

Most Significant Public-Service Accomplishment

In 2010, I helped lead a team of Trumbull residents to successfully fight a proposal to build a natural gas power plant in Nichols. This effort included public and private strategies to lobby Democratic and Republican local and state government officials to change the law and make public safety the primary concern.

Goals for My Term

If elected, I will bring the principles of integrity, accountability and transparency to my position. I will ensure that my positions and votes reflect the residents of my district.

Kevin Shively
DISTRICT 2 Candidate

Email Kevin:

  • Trumbull Community Television Committee, 2014-2017
  • Currently Vice President of Services at Discover Video in Wallingford
  • Named as one of the Top 100 People in Digital Media by Digital Media Magazine in 2002
  • Executive Director (volunteer position) of the International Webcasting Association, 2001-2006
  • Helped negotiate the Small Webcaster Settlement Act of 2002 signed into law by President G.W. Bush
  • Twice invited to speak before the U.S. Copyright Office at the Library of Congress on behalf of the webcasting industry on regulatory issues
  • Volunteer for the Greater Bridgeport Youth Orchestra, 2005-2017
  • Married to Tanya for 21 years with two children, Julian and Alison, both at Trumbull High School

Most Significant Public-Service Accomplishment

I have worked on a bi-partisan subcommittee for the Trumbull Community TV committee to develop guidelines for covering town government meetings and events to bring transparency to local government.

Goals for My Term

The biggest reasons I want to serve on the Trumbull Town Council are to bring civility to the Town Council and to ensure that the concerns of every Trumbull citizen are heard. I believe Trumbull needs leaders who can bring people together with a shared vision for our town.



Mary Beth Thornton
DISTRICT 2 Incumbent

  • Trumbull High School graduate, 1976
  • Town Council, 2003-2005, 2010-2017
  • Nichols Improvement Association, Past President, Trustee
  • University of Bridgeport, B.Sc.
  • Medical College of Georgia, M.Sc.
  • Married to Scott 25 years; mother of two, Emma and Sara, both Trumbull High School graduates

Most Significant Public-Service Accomplishment

As your representative on the Town Council for more than 10 years, I have been committed to serving the residents of Trumbull in the most transparent manner with the utmost integrity.

Goals for My Term

My major goals have always been fiscal responsibility coupled with protecting the excellent quality of life here in Trumbull. I vote what I feel is in my constituents’ best interests. I welcome the opportunity to continue to give back to the community I grew up in, to serve you and protect your quality of life.


Thomas Whitmoyer
DISTRICT 2 Incumbent

Email Thomas:

  • Music Educator in the Trumbull Public Schools, 1999-present
  • Associate Faculty, Post University in Waterbury, 2009 – present
  • Served two terms on the Town Council, 2011-2013 and 2015-2017
  • Lived in Trumbull for 29 years
  • Married to Lane for 33 years and raised three daughters, Caitlyn, Emily, and Abigail

Most Significant Public-Service Accomplishment

My most significant accomplishment is serving on the Town Council for two terms in as much of a bipartisan way as is possible.

Back to the top

Goals for My Term

If I am re-elected for a third term, I promise to listen and provide a voice for the citizens of Trumbull, and serve in a way that protects their interests, and the interests of the town. I want to be measured on my voting record that clearly puts residents first and town government second.



DISTRICT 3 Democratic Candidates for Trumbull Town Council

Michael Barker
DISTRICT 3 Candidate

Email Michael:

  • Managing Director of Westport Country Playhouse
  • Member of the Arts Commission (Mill Valley, CA)
  • Art Equity Diversity and Inclusion Facilitator
  • Married to Heidi seven years; father to 2-year-old Lawrence

Most Significant Public-Service Accomplishment

My most recent public service has been advocating against the improper sale of town properties with the “Trumbull is Not for Sale” efforts, and participating in the “Trumbull Citizens for 7 Districts” effort to return Trumbull to equitable districting and better voter access to polling places.

Goals for My Term

Trumbull deserves a Town Council that does not raid the general fund in order to balance its budget. My professional work as a manager is balancing budgets and creating surpluses, and I pledge to do the same for Trumbull if elected.



Cynthia Katske
DISTRICT 3 Candidate

Email Cindy:

  • PTSA President for Tashua Elementary School, Madison Middle School, Trumbull High School, and Trumbull PTSA Council
  • Board of Education Policy Committee Community Member, 2014-2016
  • Trumbull PTSA Council ABC’s of the Education Budget Committee Member, 2010-present
  • THS Underage Drinking Forum Planning Committee Member, 2007-present
  • Trumbull Public Schools Community Conversations Planning Committee Member, 2008-2009
  • Bachelor of Arts, Bates College; Juris Doctor (cum laude) and Master of Laws, Quinnipiac University School of Law
  • Self-employed legal editor for 20 years
  • Married to Kevin for 30 years; two children who graduated from Trumbull High School

Most Significant Public-Service Accomplishment

I am most proud of my volunteer work with our local PTSAs, advocating for improvements in education to benefit all Trumbull students. As a PTA president, I made parent outreach a priority, and my work on the ABC’s of the Education Budget and the THS Underage Drinking Forum helped to further my goal of engaging parents on issues relating to their students’ education at every level.

Goals for My Term

I believe that we must find a balance between keeping taxes stable and providing an outstanding education for our children and town services that produce a great quality of life for our residents. If elected I will make decisions based on facts and research, not partisan politics, and I will work in an open and transparent manner with my colleagues on the Council to put the needs of Trumbull residents first.

Jason Marsh
DISTRICT 3 Incumbent

Email Jason:

  • Town Council Representative, District 3 (2015–present)
    • Member, Legislative & Administrative Committee
    • Member, Rules & Regulations Committee
    • Member, Tax Abatement Planning Committee
  • Partner at Green & Sklarz LLC (commercial/corporate attorney)
  • Married to Audrey for 15 years
  • Father of Madeline and Emma (9th grade at THS), Jackson (7th grade at MMS) and Georgia (3rd grade at Tashua)
  • The Business Council of Fairfield County-Leadership Fairfield County Program, participant 2014
  • Young Professional’s Network, The Business Council of Fairfield County, Member, Steering Committee, 2008-2013
  • Volunteer coach Trumbull Little League and Trumbull Rec. Basketball (2011-present)
  • Volunteer coach CT Odyssey of the Mind (2010-present)
  • Tashua School Fathers Club (2009-present)

Most Significant Public-Service Accomplishment

I would consider the last two years as a Town Council representative to be my most significant accomplishment in service to the community. I take pride in having been diligent in my preparation for each meeting, absorbing the complicated budget process and making informed and reasoned votes on each matter put before me.

Goals for My Term

My overriding goal for the upcoming term is to help restore the collegiality and spirit of cooperation to the Council that has been lacking for the last eight years. The atmosphere of Trumbull politics has been toxic and stifling for far too long. Town government should be a coming together of friends and neighbors to work towards the common good, not a forum for adversarial, partisan gamesmanship.



Eric Paulson
DISTRICT 3 Candidate

Email Eric:

  • Married to Katie for 18 years
  • Proud father of Liam at Tashua School and Grady at Fairchild Wheeler Multi-Magnet School
  • IT Director for an insurance administration company
  • Director of Trading and Operations for a closely-held family office
  • Active volunteer in Tashua School Fathers Club
  • Former Cub Scout Den leader

Most Significant Public Service Accomplishment

I helped conduct a petition asking that the Town Council and the Building Committee put a halt to spending any more Trumbull tax dollars on a Senior/Community Center until sufficient resident input had been gathered.

Back to the top

Goals for My Term

I’m an unaffiliated voter, and I want to return Trumbull governance to a more equitable environment. I stand for fiscal responsibility, honesty, fairness, and civility for all residents of Trumbull.

Watch Eric Paulson’s Campaign Video

DISTRICT 4 Democratic Candidates for Trumbull Town Council

Emilio Annunziato
DISTRICT 4 Candidate

Email Emilio:

  • Received a B.S. in Finance from Nichols College
  • Financial Services career for 16 years
  • Currently Senior Account Executive for a software company
  • Married with two elementary school age children in Trumbull Public Schools

Most Significant Public-Service Accomplishment

I am a member and past president of the Jane Ryan Father’s Club, raising money and planning events for the school. I also currently volunteer with the Junior Achievement program.

Goals for My Term

When elected, I will keep taxes low and budgets in check. I want to help promote Trumbull as a destination for families to live here and send their children to award-winning schools.



Bruce Elstein
DISTRICT 4 Candidate

Email Bruce:

  • Trial lawyer for 30+ years representing injured people and businesses in resolving their disputes
  • Past President (3 years) and Secretary (1 year) of the Canoe Brook Lake Association; current Member Services co-chair of the Canoe Brook Lake Association
  • Past member of the Board of Trustees of the Greater Bridgeport Symphony
  • Past volunteer attorney for Habitat for Humanity of Coastal Fairfield County
  • Married for 25 years to Carol Porrata Elstein
  • Father of THS graduates Andrew and Julia Elstein
  • Past member of Trumbull Planning & Zoning and Inland Wetlands Commissions

Most Significant Public-Service Accomplishment

My most important contribution to Trumbull was agreeing to represent the owner of a controversial painting hung at the Trumbull library. Along with my client, we insisted the town of Trumbull uphold the First Amendment right to the separation of Church and State.

Goals for My Term

I am interested in becoming part of our community government that looks to reach good decisions with input from as many insightful minds as Trumbull has to offer. Joining Vicki and working to improve our town of Trumbull is something I would find rewarding if I were given the opportunity to serve.

Ashley Gaudiano
DISTRICT 4 Candidate

Email Ashley:

  • Nonprofit and political communication strategist
  • Small business owner
  • Pro bono attorney
  • Nonprofit board member
  • Mother of Carter, 4, and Molly, 2
  • Married to Joe, maritime operations manager
  • Owner of two rescue dogs

Most Significant Public-Service Accomplishment

I have committed my career to public service, and spend my days advocating for nonprofits
in Connecticut and across the United States. My greatest accomplishments happen when the nonprofits I work with reach new clients, capture powerful stories of their work, gain new funding streams to maximize their impact, and move closer towards achieving their missions.

Goals for My Term

My priority is to ensure that families are represented, and that all of our citizens — from the youngest to the most senior — have a voice in our town’s future. I want to help foster a government that is transparent in its action, responsible in its decisions, and accountable to its citizens.

Watch Ashley Gaudiano’s Campaign Video


Lisa Valenti
DISTRICT 4 Incumbent

Email Lisa:

  • Town Council Representative, District 4 (2015 -2017)
  • Board of Finance alternate, 2008-2009
  • Trumbull resident since 1989
  • Raised 2 THS graduates
  • Trumbull Realtor since 2008
  • B.B.A. degree in Accounting from Pace University

Most Significant Public-Service Accomplishment

I am very proud of the countless volunteer hours that I have dedicated to the Town of Trumbull as both an Unaffiliated Town Council Representative and a Board of Finance Alternate.

Goals for My Term

I will continue to assess each issue with an open mind and keep taxes, safety, and economic development in mind. I commit to analyzing each issue with the greater good for all as my goal.


Scott Wich
DISTRICT 4 Candidate

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  • Practicing Attorney for over 20 years
  • Masters Degree in Business Administration
  • Town Council Representative, District 4 (2015)
  • Trumbull AYSO Coach
  • Chairman Emeritus, ARI of Conncecticut
  • Former Chairman, Trumbull Economic and Community Development Commission
  • Past Member, Trumbull Rotary
  • Married to Sonya for 15 years; two sons in Trumbull Public Schools

Most Significant Public-Service Accomplishment

I led a major Connecticut-based not-for-profit in supporting individuals with disabilities and their families.

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Goals for My Term

I want to hit the ground running on decisions that make our community a better place to live. It is time for elected officials to stop yelling at each other and start working with each other.

Trumbull Democratic Candidates for PLANNING & ZONING

Tony Silber
PLANNING & ZONING Candidate (2017)

Email Tony:

  • Planning and Zoning Commission, 2007-2016
  • Vice Chairman, Planning and Zoning Commission, 2015-2016
  • Civil Service Commission, 2006
  • Trumbull Rotary Club, 2010-2012
  • Vice President, Access Intelligence, Norwalk
  • Former reporter, Connecticut Post

Most Significant Public-Service Accomplishment

I helped rewrite the zoning regulations in 2008 and pushed to have the Plan of Conservation and Development updated in 2014. This has ensured that our town retains the look and density that we sought when we moved here.

Goals for My Term

I will put the brakes on reckless development. The Planning and Zoning Commission is a land use board. It’s not an economic development board. It’s there to decide what development is appropriate and what is not. It’s not there to cave in to the whims of developers.


Tony D’Aquila
PLANNING & ZONING Candidate (2018)

Email Tony:

  • Chairman, Pequonnock Valley Preservation and Conservation Advisory Committee
  • Member, Civil Service Commission, 1999-2003
  • Led a successful grass roots effort to preserve parts of Old Mine Park from commercial development
  • Retired Mechanical Engineer with six patents
  • Coach, YMCA and AYSO Soccer, Little League Baseball and Softball
  • Eucharistic Minister, St. Theresa Church
  • Married to Rose Marie for 37 years
  • Father of former THS students Steve and Theresa, and grandfather of Connor Anthony

Most Significant Public-Service Accomplishment

As a member of the Pequonnock Valley Preservation and Conservation Advisory Committee, I performed an
in-depth analysis of the former Bridgeport Hydraulic Company Pequonnock Valley property. At its completion, I advised the Trumbull Town Council to purchase the Valley in conjunction with the State of Connecticut.

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Goals for My Term

To provide an opportunity for an open and transparent line of communication between the Planning and Zoning Commission’s public hearings and the public.


Trumbull Democratic Candidate for BOARD OF ASSESSMENT APPEALS

Timothy Cantafio

Email Timothy:

  • Trumbull Board of Assessment and Appeals Member; Alternate 2012-2016
  • Trumbull High School Class of 1979
  • Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, University of Bridgeport, 1983
  • Master of Science in Manufacturing Engineering, University of Bridgeport, 1987
  • Vice President Engineering, Northeast Electronics Corporation since 2000
  • Married to Dawn since 1988; two children, Cayla and Nicholas
  • Member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers since 1982
  • Member of the Trade Technology Advisory Committee for Platt Technical High School since 2010
  • Board Member of the Connecticut Burns Care Foundation since 2014
  • Corporator Milford Health & Medical & Milford Hospital Board since 2014
  • Recipient of the 2017 Trumbull Democratic Town Committee Leadership Award

Most Significant Public-Service Accomplishment

It gives me great pleasure to actively sit on the board of the CT Burns Care Foundation and assist in raising money to send burned children from all over the world to camp annually for FREE! It gives them a place to be kids and network with other children who have suffered the unfortunate circumstance of being burned and having to learn to live with the many issues associated with this dreadful reality.

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Goals for My Term

When re-elected to the Board of Assessment Appeals, I will continue to provide fair and equal treatment and processing of various personal property and real estate tax appeals to all town residents as I have in the past.

Trumbull Democratic Candidates for ZONING BOARD OF APPEALS

Matthew C. Reale

Email Matt:

  • B.S., Sacred Heart University, 1986
  • J.D., Villanova Law School, 1989
  • Managing Partner, Law Offices of Anthony & Reale, since 1992
  • Practicing Attorney, Probate/Estate Planning/Real Estate
  • Restaurant Owner, Windmill Tavern and Beach House Grille, Stratford, CT
  • Former College Professor, Sacred Heart University (1992-2006)

Most Significant Public-Service Accomplishment

I’m most proud of my involvement in several professional associations and community nonprofit organizations. These include Vice President of the Greater Bridgeport Bar Association Board of Directors, Secretary of The Center for Family Justice, and Past President of The McGivney Community Center (2006-14).

Goals for My Term

If elected, I look forward to serving the town in which I was born and raised and the town that I have chosen to make my lifelong home. It would be my pleasure to contribute my 25 years of experience and knowledge as a real estate attorney to the Zoning Board of Appeals. I would be honored to once again volunteer to help the Town of Trumbull.

Catherine Creager

Email Cathy:

  • Practicing attorney with experience in zoning appeals cases
  • Master’s degree in business administration
  • Mother of college student Braxton
  • Former PTA member, short order cook, tutor, and chauffeur

Most Significant Public-Service Accomplishment

I have served in numerous roles as a volunteer and hope to bring my skills and experience to
the Zoning Board of Appeals.

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Goals for My Term

If elected, I intend to serve the residents of the Town of Trumbull with diligence and fairness.

Trumbull Democratic Candidates for CONSTABLE

Raymond Baldwin

Email Raymond:

  • Currently employed at Utopia Home Care, Inc.
  • Attended the Trumbull Public Schools; THS class of 1996
  • Western New England University, Springfield, MA
  • Married to Kristin; two children, Ray Jr. and Lainie
  • Former paralegal at Insurance Defense firm Harris Beach PLLC in Manhattan
  • Moved back to Trumbull in 2007

Goals for My Term

I’m looking forward to continuing my service in Trumbull as an elected Constable.


David W. Kayne

Email David:

  • Selective Service System Board Member, 2014-present
  • Justice of the Peace, 2014-present
  • Trumbull Insurance Commission, 2003-2013
  • Independent Insurance Agent with Accredited Advisor in Insurance (AAI), 20yrs+
  • SAFECO’s Award of Excellence recipient, 2012 & 2013
  • Owner-member, Pinewood Lake Association, since 2002
  • Married: Kathy (nee Duggan) since 2000; sons: Will (THS) and Mike (Fairchild Wheeler IMM)
  • Booth Hill Fathers’ Club and PTA member; former Corresponding Secretary and PTSA Council delegate
  • Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice/Sociology, University of Delaware
  • Congregation B’nai Israel; board member (2 years); Education committee member; Brotherhood member and volunteer
  • Anti-Defamation League: member Fairfield County Board; AIPAC – member
  • Sports Official: ASA certified umpire; Football: Pop Warner through high school and college varsity (NCAA)
  • Graduated 1st in class, Connecticut Police Academy; recipient: Luciano (CT Police Chiefs Association) and Tuskowski (CT State Police) awards

Most Significant Public-Service Accomplishment

I’m most proud of my service to those in need: procuring food and baked bread products and distributing them to institutions serving the needy; being a repeat blood and platelet donor, Red Cross volunteer and blood runner; volunteering at soup kitchens and church fairs.

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Goals for My Term

If elected, I will open up the windows and let in some fresh air by serving the community in an open and transparent manner, in cooperation with colleagues “across the aisle.”