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Vicki Tesoro Addresses Issues Regarding the Senior/Community Center Building Committee

Stand Up, Speak Out! is a recurring feature highlighting selected public comments made by Trumbull Democratic Town Committee members during various Trumbull town meetings. The following comments were made by Vicki Tesoro before the Trumbull Town Council on Monday, June 6, 2016:

Vicki Tesoro

“Tonight I would like to speak on two subjects before this Council. First, I would like to speak on behalf of Cindy Katske and the Senior/Community Center Building Committee.

Ms. Katske is a long time Town Volunteer, a lawyer and has attended most of the current Building Committee meetings. She is well versed in the issues and ready to serve.

While the other person being considered is a fine man and an elected official, to my knowledge he has only attended one or two meetings of the Committee. Further, his skills that of an architect, are already represented on the Committee.

I would remind this Council that Ms. Katse had reservations about the first charter revision in 2011. In spite of those reservations she worked with the Town Council to correct the many errors found in that document. In other words, she put the good of the Community before partisan considerations. I hope this council does the same this evening and votes for her to be added to the committee.

My second subject is the Building Committee itself. I am pleased that our First Selectman has joined the chorus of those calling for more Community input before proceeding with the project. However, his approach is not best way to achieve this goal.

My suggestion is to follow the successful model used by the Library, which I have talked about throughout this process. I continue to urge you to direct the Building Committee to hire an independent consultant to both design and implement a professional anonymous survey and to facilitate any other meetings such as focus groups and public hearings. This will guarantee the integrity of the data collected and ensure that residents can freely express their opinions.

In this way we will learn what, if anything the Community would like to see built.

One final note, I have spoken on this subject at two of the Building Committee’s public hearings, I have attended most of the Committee meetings and offered comments from time to time. On April 11 of this year I spoke at a meeting held at the senior center about this process. I spoke during public comments at the March 7, 2016 Town Council meeting. This is how I chose to be involved. It is not up to the first selectman or anyone else to criticize or direct how I choose to be involved. No one in Trumbull government should be tracking any resident’s emails or IP address and then use that information for political purposes. Nor should any government official tell me how to exercise my rights as a private citizen or question my integrity for making my choice on how to participate in a public process. I hope that all of you agree with me.”

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