Trumbull Democrats
Public Email from Tim Herbst

Tim Herbst Uses Town Resources Attempting to Publicly Shame Democratic Citizens; Democrats Respond

Mr. Herbst:

This email will serve as the Trumbull Democratic Town Committee’s response to your email of June 2, 2016 regarding the Survey for the Community Center.

(See Tim Herbst letter from 6-3-2016)

Your comments regarding who participated in this survey are inaccurate.  The email sent by the town using Survey Monkey may be able to track who responded to the survey through the email link, but it can’t track who may have taken the survey by simply directly going to it when it was on the town’s website.  Indeed, some of the people you describe in your email did, indeed, participate in the survey, and therefore, your statements are untrue.

That being said, we believe it is totally inappropriate for the Town Council to charge the Building Committee with determining the opinion of the town regarding a Senior/Community Center, and then sending the survey to town elected leaders who could skew the results if the sample size was small enough.  Elected officials should not, in our opinion, be participating in a “community survey” meant to gauge public opinion.  This could skew the results, and instead of listening to the public’s opinion, the elected officials’ opinion could misrepresent what public opinion actually is.  In effect, you would have elected officials and political insiders telling the public what their opinion is.

More importantly, we believe that the use by the government of Survey Monkey in the fashion you describe is another example of overreach by “Big Brother” compiling information without disclosing it to the town residents who received the survey.  Nowhere on the survey does it inform the recipient that the town can collect their IP address data if they click through to the survey.  Nowhere in the email or the survey does it inform the recipient that Survey Monkey allows the survey creator to match the email addresses to the responses so that the town could identify who submitted each survey.  Since the survey did not have a space for a person’s name, the inference is that the survey results are anonymous, but such may not be the case when Survey Monkey is used.  Nowhere on the survey is it disclosed to recipients how they got on the list to receive the survey, or that their participation was being tracked and could be publicly disclosed.

In this case, a town survey was created using taxpayer-paid town resources, and the data collected from that survey, which was sent unsolicited to various people, was used in a public partisan political attack.  We believe this is abuse of government resources, and falls right in the same line with hiring private investigators to look in people’s windows, sending Trumbull police officers outside their jurisdiction to deliver ethics complaints, calling the employers of perceived political enemies, etc.

Beyond this, we live in a free country with constitutionally-protected free speech.  You do not determine what the prerequisites are for people to voice their opinion on a community center.  Whether someone participated in a survey has no bearing on how he or she chooses to voice their opinion on a proposed building that will cost taxpayers millions of dollars.

As far as Mrs. Tesoro’s participation is concerned, please note the following:

  1. Mrs. Tesoro did not participate in the survey because she felt it was poorly done;
  2. Mrs. Tesoro has provided her opinion in other ways.  She has attended at least two public hearings held by the Building Committee and spoke to the committee and to the public;
  3. Mrs. Tesoro has attended, in person, almost every Building Committee meeting since the committee was created in February 2015, and offered her comments from time to time;
  4. Mrs. Tesoro attended the Town Council meeting on March 7, 2016 when the Building Committee updated the full Council and she spoke during public comments about her concerns and asked that the committee reach out to the public for their feedback;
  5. Mrs. Tesoro attended a gathering of residents at Island Brook Park to tour the park with fellow citizens and listen to their concerns; and
  6. Mrs. Tesoro attended a public meeting at the Senior Center in April 2016 when she voiced her opinion about the Senior Center and the move of the Probate Court.

Mrs. Tesoro has been totally engaged in this matter since the beginning.  Rather than criticize her in a partisan attack, we would encourage you to work with her as a leader in the Democratic Party.  We are willing to work with you on this and every important issue in our town if you wish to engage in respectful collaboration.  We will work with you to find common ground for the good of our town.  Unfortunately, you have shown no real desire to work with us on anything during the entire 6 1/2 years of your administration.

Finally, we believe it is wrong for you to characterize the discussion of the Senior/Community Center along Republican vs. Democratic lines.  One of the fiercest critics of these plans has been Roy Molgard, an elected Republican on the Board of Finance.  Another person who has expressed her opinions publicly is Rachel Yahwak, another Republican who just resigned as Chairman of the Senior Commission and member of the Building Committee.  Also, Republican Councilwoman Ann Marie Evangelista recently publicly urged the Committee to slow down and listen to the input of town residents.  Several other local Republicans have voiced their disagreement with the way that this process has been handled thus far.  We urge you to listen to those within your own party, and stop trying to portray this as partisan issue.

We urge the Building Committee to take immediate steps to properly survey the residents of the Town of Trumbull.  A proper survey should be done by an independent entity which can ensure the integrity of the survey results.  Also, based on the way this concept has been handled thus far, we believe that the ultimate decision on this facility should be by a town-wide referendum, so that the voters of Trumbull have a direct voice in how millions of taxpayer dollars are spent.


Trumbull Democratic Town Committee
Tom Kelly, Chair

Download a copy of this TDTC response here

Minority Report

Minority Report May 2016

The May 2nd Town Council (TC) meeting was brief and all of the items on the agenda were voted on unanimously.

The minority members of the TC supported the application for the Long Hill Green improvements under the Main Street Investment Fund.  We believe that both economic development and pedestrian access work together to enhance our community.  For those who drive by or live nearby, the improvements are designed to encourage motorists and residents to patronize businesses as well as to have a welcoming public space.  We hope that in the future the Office of the Economic Development will aggressively pursue grant money to help fund ongoing improvements to the satisfaction of residents and businesses.


Tidy Up Trumbull

Join Us and Help “Tidy Up Trumbull”

The Trumbull Democrats are proud to once again be a part of the annual “Tidy Up Trumbull” event organized by the Trumbull Community Women on Saturday, April 23 from 9 AM to 12 PM. This annual event is a great opportunity for Trumbull residents to help us keep our parks, trails, roadsides and parking areas beautiful.


Minority Report April 2016

Once again, it’s time to share what Trumbull’s Democratic council members have been up to. The agenda for the April Trumbull Town Council meeting included a number of resolutions. Here are the highlights and how your Democratic representatives acted on them.

A resolution regarding the dispute with the Bridgeport WPCA seeking to:

  • Approve an Agreement with the WPCA of Trumbull and the City of Bridgeport WPCA regarding terms of wastewater treatment by the City of Bridgeport (the “Agreement”).
  • Authorize the town attorney to withdraw Trumbull from the pending litigation as a result of entering into the Agreement (Bridgeport will do likewise).
  • Have the Board of Finance fund payment by Trumbull to the Bridgeport WPCA of money that had been billed but held in escrow pending execution of the Agreement.