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The Trumbull Democrats are proud to once again be a part of the annual “Tidy Up Trumbull” event organized by the Trumbull Community Women on Saturday, April 23 from 9 AM to 12 PM. This annual event is a great opportunity for Trumbull residents to help us keep our parks, trails, roadsides and parking areas beautiful.


Minority Report April 2016

Once again, it’s time to share what Trumbull’s Democratic council members have been up to. The agenda for the April Trumbull Town Council meeting included a number of resolutions. Here are the highlights and how your Democratic representatives acted on them.

A resolution regarding the dispute with the Bridgeport WPCA seeking to:

  • Approve an Agreement with the WPCA of Trumbull and the City of Bridgeport WPCA regarding terms of wastewater treatment by the City of Bridgeport (the “Agreement”).
  • Authorize the town attorney to withdraw Trumbull from the pending litigation as a result of entering into the Agreement (Bridgeport will do likewise).
  • Have the Board of Finance fund payment by Trumbull to the Bridgeport WPCA of money that had been billed but held in escrow pending execution of the Agreement.


Town Council Minority Report, March 10, 2016


The minority members of the Town Council, thank the residents who attended the Monday, March 7th meeting to have their voices heard. The chambers were packed with residents of all ages. Over thirty people signed up for public comment, and many others sat in support. This was in addition to over eighty-five emails received. […]

Fellow Trumbull Neighbors


Welcome to our web page!  On behalf of Trumbull Democrats, I thank you for visiting.

Trumbull Democrats have the best vision for the future of the town of Trumbull, and we are committed to putting forth a positive message that clearly articulates our ideas and positions.  We need more balance in our government, and we are working hard to make sure the voices of all Trumbull residents are heard.  We are fighting for Trumbull, and we want to build a foundation that will serve our town for decades to come.