Trumbull Democrats

Town Council Minority Report, March 10, 2016


The minority members of the Town Council, thank the residents who attended the Monday, March 7th meeting to have their voices heard. The chambers were packed with residents of all ages. Over thirty people signed up for public comment, and many others sat in support. This was in addition to over eighty-five emails received. […]

Fellow Trumbull Neighbors


Welcome to our web page!  On behalf of Trumbull Democrats, I thank you for visiting.

Trumbull Democrats have the best vision for the future of the town of Trumbull, and we are committed to putting forth a positive message that clearly articulates our ideas and positions.  We need more balance in our government, and we are working hard to make sure the voices of all Trumbull residents are heard.  We are fighting for Trumbull, and we want to build a foundation that will serve our town for decades to come.